6 love quotes from movies Conscious mind

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6 love quotes from movies Conscious mind

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1. Love Quotes from About Time
About Time, a fantasy movie where the hero can go back in time, comes with a quote, "Even if you go back a few times, if we are not the right person It cannot slotxo make that person love us. ”It showed that even though the main character of the story has the ability to go back in time to the person you love. But it is not going to improve my own love life. Because how many times will you go back and correct If you are not the person he loves, it will certainly not be able to make love.

2. Love Quotes from Meet Joe Black
Meet Joe Black, another fantasy movie that features famous hero "Brad Pitt" as the god of death, who wants to learn the human world and find love. Along with the saying that "Don't wait for death to appear beforehand. And learn how to live. ”It indicates the courage to tell, love, dare to love and dare to do what you desire before death comes.

3. Love Quotes from One Day
One Day, a movie that will lead you to learn many aspects of love with the quotes "a bond arises. When you see the strength of someone But love happened When you accept the flaws of some people, "this shows the different nature of love and life of two people. But must come together If true love, then you have to admit to each other's flaws.


4. Love quotes from Love rosie
Love rosie, a bright love movie in which love comes with a dream and quotes that "Sometimes we don't even realize that good things happen only close to the tip of our noses," showing how much you seek love. But in the end, that love is just around the corner. Only you can not see

5. Love Quotes from Begin Again
Begin Again, a romantic love film that shows the love of working people. Comes with a quote that says "It doesn't matter who hurt your heart. It is important to who makes you smile again. ”It shows how the bad stories about love have passed, and it is more important to those who make you happy today.

6. Love Quotes from Remember Me
Remember Me, a love movie that comes with various obstacles that can cause love to fall, with the quotes "Love is to spend time together. But not spending time together can make us love more, ”which means being in love doesn't have to be together all along. Even if one day apart If you still love each other, you will definitely return to love each other more.

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