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Ms. Natthaporn Triratsirikul Assistant Managing Director, Kasikorn Research Center Co., Ltd. discusses the difference between the first round of COVID-19 and the new outbreak in 3 issues:
The number of people infected daily is higher.
The distribution of infected people is broad.
The source of the outbreak is the industrial sector.
While epidemic สล็อตxo control measures are also different. Which is a lockdown that does not lock down Which is a partial lockdown To maintain a balance between economic impact and public health impact However, the number of infected daily still needs to be monitored whether it will drop or end within 60 days or not. Domestic growth this year would not be much lower than the estimated 2.6% of Kasikorn Research Center.

For measures that the government will release to help Attention is also directed to remedial measures for the effects of the epidemic. That resulted in the trade being unable to fully accomplish The problem that arises during this period is not enough income. While economic recovery measures such as "we travel together", "shop for good, have a night" and "half of the people" continue to do so. The government sector still has more than 600 billion baht, which is definitely enough for healing and rehabilitation. In addition, the Bank sees government measures as necessary to sustain the economy like other countries around the world. Even if public debt has a chance of hitting the 60% GDP cap, it's not a concern. Because the frame can be moved But there must be a plan to reduce debt burden in the medium to long term

Progress on the COVID-19 vaccine The government has already purchased 28 million doses of the vaccine from China and England. Covering 14 million people in this first lot, it will begin to be injected into healthcare workers. And risk groups first And plan to buy an additional 35 million doses, which if the vaccine works And with all the injections until the end of 64 to the beginning of 65, almost half of the Thai population will be vaccinated. Resulting in higher confidence in the country The business sector will gradually recover. Especially tourism But the recovery will not quickly return to pre-COVID-19 levels in the year 65 as the tourism sector will continue to recover. After the trend of international travel, it will take at least a few years to recover more clearly.

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