"Lampard" insists on not pressure Even Sing a swipe form

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"Lampard" insists on not pressure Even Sing a swipe form

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Frank Lampard, manager of the "Sing Bull" Chelsea, a famous team in the English Premier League, opened his heart after the English Premier League battle that Chelsea defeated Manchester City 1-3 ready to be unsuccessful. Contact 3 games in a row

Frank Lampard said after the game that “This year I am expecting a difficult time. I said when we beat Leeds and the people raised us to be the favorites. I know it doesn't come easy like that, I know where we are in. "

“One month ago, I was asked when I would renew my contract. Now they will talk a different story because we are in a tightly packed competition and we have เล่นสล็อต lost four matches in a short time. The pressure is always there. In difficult times the pressure is there I am not unaware of such things. My job is to keep working and encourage the players. ”

“We are fighting to try to get to the same level as them, and I know it takes time. The reality is that many of the players that are new, young, suffer injuries and are not playing together. This is the first time I have been able to use Ziyek, Pulisic and Werner in the same team. ”

“There is no doubt that we have a character who will get out of this. Because we've never lost 16 games in a row, what we can control is what we do tonight, tomorrow and the next day, and what we did against Morecambe and what we did in the game. Game against Fulham, ”Lampard said.

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